Pepper Alarm


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‘- The completely CLEAR OC Vapor will not leave stains and allows its users a no “clean-up” required approach.

– The clear pepper formula was specially developed for INDOOR applications and combined with a PEPPERALARM™ unit will physically STOP thieves IMMEDIATELY. 

PEPPERALARM™ is like having an armed guard posted INSIDE your premises, when you’re NOT AROUND.

– It’s a real ROBBER STOPPER!

– ONLY use Guardian MK-4 Short Clear OC Vapor canister with PEPPERALARM™.

Use of unauthorized pepper sprays voids warranty.




True Protection of your valuables.  The way most alarms work is “somebody comes in, the alarm goes off, and then the police or the monitoring company is notified.”  This can take up to several minutes where the intruder has free access to your home, office or boat.  The police can take up to 15 minutes to arrive in most situations, and sometimes much longerStatistically it has been proven that most burglaries occur in 3 minutes or less.  Meanwhile they are in your premises stealing your valuables or maybe causing injury to you.  The PepperAlarm™’s sensor will trigger an audible alarm, a strobe light, and it will dispense the Guardian Clear OC.  This will make the area uninhabitable and cause the perpitraitor to leave.  The Guardian Clear OC is specifically designed for little to no clean up” and is highly effective. It is made in a DOD approved facility. Now you can have peace of mind knowing that your valuables and your family are now safer.


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